Rupert Grint scores free meals using Matthew Lewis’ tab

Rupert Grint has been scoring free meals by putting them on his former co-star Matthew Lewis’ tab without his knowledge.

The Harry Potter stars reunited in Florida in January (16) for an annual fan event for the movie franchise at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter inside the Universal Orlando Resort theme park.

Rupert, who had not seen Matthew for years, confessed to him at the event that he had been getting away with eating for free at Matthew’s favorite restaurant by putting his meals on his co-star’s tab without permission.

“He told me he’d been going to this restaurant and I went ‘oh, that’s one of my favorite restaurants’ and he went, ‘I know… I’ve been putting all my food on your tab for several months’,” Matthew tells U.K. show This Morning.

“Apparently when he came in the manager was like, ‘oh, you’re Matthew’s friend, is Matthew picking this up?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah. He told me come down and said he was going to cover it’. It’s been going on my bill ever since.”

Matthew still doesn’t know how much Rupert has cost him, and laughs his old friend could have carried on for much longer without him knowing.

“I have no idea,” he adds. “I spoke to the manager the other day, the guy who owns it, I was like, ‘Have you heard about this?’ and he’s like, ‘No, but I’m gonna investigate for you’ so I’m going to find out.”

Rupert has one reason to be frugal with his money – the hotel he launched in 2011 closed in 2015 due to financial problems. Rigsby’s Guest House in his hometown of Hertford, England had reportedly only brought in $3,000 (£2,000) profit by the end of 2014.